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Healthcare Only Events: Filter by Relevance: Find events relevant to your level (e.g. pre-clinical, FY1, Registrar), Specialty (e.g. Obs & Gynae, Trauma & Orthopaedics), and more!


Hundreds of Events: Over 200 events scheduled by medical society and professional organisations such as LUSUMA, SCRUBS Leicester, Imperial MedEd Society, BIMA and more!


We Welcome Everyone: We welcome you to share your healthcare events with us on Anastomose as well.


Connect and Stay Connected

The Medical Workforce is Transient & Nomadic: Continue building the relationships you formed going on placement or rotation. Just because you have moved on to another hospital or ward does not mean that the professional relationship has to end. 


Grow your Healthcare Professional Network: As a healthcare professional and student, you are constantly on the move from one clinic to a ward, and then to another hospital another day. Grow your network by connecting with the doctors, nurses and other staff you meet at the hospital or GP surgery on Anastomose.

A Healthcare Profession Profile:
 Dedicated sections on your profile for aspects such as research, audits, prizes and more that matter to the healthcare professional. You can also find likeminded peers by searching for such specific fields to collaborate on projects.


Open Access Medical Education

#FOAMed: Free Open Access Medical Education in its truest sense


Create for Free: Verified healthcare professionals & students can create educational content or question bank for themselves, their peers or the larger healthcare community. You own anything you create, and can even make a passive income from it down the line just like how a YouTuber does. 


Any Time, Any Where: Course content can be downloaded onto your mobile app and accessed on the go without internet connection, taking #FOAMed to a whole new level. 


A Hub for Research & Other Opportunities

Opportunities Board: A hub of healthcare opportunities ranging from research and audits, prizes, awards and jobs.


Research: Connect with senior doctors based on their specialties, publications and more to collaborate on projects.


Not Just Jobs: We welcome any opportunities to be shared on Anastomose, as long as it is healthcare related.


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